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Auto Modellista - Ebbro 1/43 Nissan GT-R Debut Win And 1-2 Finish Memorial Set

Since my first Auto Modellista article was about the 2003 championship winning R34 GT-R I thought this second one should be about the next milestone in the GT-R's legendary Super GT career. After Nismo won the 2003 driver's and team's championships in impressive fashion the R34 GT-R retired on a high note. At that time however Nissan didn't have a successor yet so the job of defending the company's honor would fall to the recently resurrected Fairlady Z (the 350Z to us gaijin) . The 2004 Nismo GT500 Fairlady Z would fill that role impressively in it's debut season by successfully defending both titles but then Nissan fell into a bit of a drought again. Although the Z would retain the team title for another year in 2005 that was the last title the Fairlady would garner during its time in the top category. With no driver's titles for three straight years 2008 would have been a critical year for Nismo to begin with. The tension ratcheted

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