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Another Day At The Museum Part 1: The Nissan Guest Hall and Engine Museum

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it's already the second decade of the 21st Century? It seems like it was just yesterday that we were all greeting the year 2000 with boundless fear that a bunch of ones and zeros would send us all back to the stone age and we'd be reduced to bartering Twinkies for gasoline and using pigeons once again for our urgent communication needs. Amazingly, we're all still here and I finally got around to finishing the next part of my Japan travelogue!
Day 4 of my June trip to Japan was the final one before I headed off to visit my family back in the Philippines. When I'd been making plans before leaving the States I had two main goals for this trip: 1) spend an entire day exploring the geek mecca of Akihabara - which I'd accomplished the day before, and 2) return to Yokohama to revisit Nismo Omori Factory.
The second goal is the reason my trip got extended to four days instead of the three I'd originally meant to have. Japan was su…

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