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Good Cars Come To Those Who Wait - The Storage Option For Yet-To-Be-Legal JDM Cars

The 25-year import rule has finally allowed the import of some very desirable JDM cars and we Amerikajin are now blessed with the option to own all manner of cool Japanese hardware. Nissan's Godzilla – the R32 GT-R, their rally special – the Pulsar GTi-R, Mazda's uber-VIPmobile – the Eunos Cosmo, quirky weirdos like the Toyota Soarer Aerocabin; all of these cars and more are now able to get their immigration papers to the land of the free. Unfortunately 25 years is a long time and that means many highly coveted rides are still off limits to us Yankees. Of course the foremost example is the vaunted Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R – star of Gran Turismo and Fast and the Furious, and catalyst of many an import fanboy's wet dream. At the time I write this the R34 is still about eight years away from easy importation. Sure, if you've been reading my posts on the Midnight Purple R34s being brought in under Show or Display you'd be aware that there's a possibility of

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