Happy Holidays Everybody!

It's that time of the year again for everyone to gather around a decorated pine tree and set it on fire while waiting for an obese home invader to shimmy down your smokestack and steal your hard-earned cookies and cow juice. Naturally I want to wish everyone a happy, happy holiday whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Festivus, or The Purge!

Normally at this time I troll through the bowels of the interwebs for a Christmas-themed Nissan-related photo but this year I thought I'd try something different since everyone's been making a fuss over the coming not of the baby Jesus but of our future AI overlords. That's why this year I futzed around for a bit with Photoshop's AI functions to turn an old photo of my R35 into something more festive. I quickly learned Adobe still has some work to do but overall the resulting image turned out okay for a quick and dirty effort. 

At least it's much better than the alternative which would have been an entirely AI-generated image from a "free" website the results of which I will share with you in case you want to have nightmares this Christmas evening. Yes, I shit you not, these horrifying visions are what you get if you type in "Christmas Nissan GT-R with sexy girl" in an ad-supported AI image generator. If you weren't afraid of the coming of AI before, after seeing these images I can bet you will be. In fact this may be some sort of psychological warfare by Skynet before launching the actual hunter-killer droids. It's probably hoping we'll be too nauseous to fight back. Don't say I didn't warn you! Until next time, have an amazing holiday season and keep driving safe!


  1. Yeah those AI pics are nightmare fuel. XD The celebrating "the Purge" bit was pretty funny too. I do like the one pic you took though that kind of looks like a playstation racing game advert haha. That came out fun. Not sure why the AI struggled with those ladies XD It needs an anatomy class, STAT. Merry Christmas! Great Blog!


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