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Progress Bar: R32 Part 10 - The Recap Episode

It's hard to believe it but one year ago to this day my Nismo R32 GT-R showed up in front of my house and started me on a roller coaster ride of epic proportions. Like an amusement park attraction the year of ownership has had periods of long waiting, times of eager anticipation, bouts of nauseating surprises, and interspersed were all-important periods of sheer joy. The year has been nothing less than interesting so I thought this would be a good time to recap all that's happened in one orbit of the sun. That's one cool delivery :) March 24, 2015 – That sun was getting low in the horizon when the delivery driver arrived with my Nismo R32 on his trailer. I'd first seen her in a warehouse in Ontario, California at International Vehicle Importers. She looked a bit worse for wear but she was going for cheap and like that scruffy dog at the pound who's been there for too many weeks others had passed her by and it seemed like fate had conspired f

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