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I Decided To Go Electric This Year - And Nissan Sent Me A Care Package!

Image credit: Nissan It seems like ages ago that Nissan announced the second verse in its ode to electrification - the sleek Ariya crossover. Indeed, in the two years since the production version was unveiled the world has changed radically - the global pandemic has started to recede, geopolitical instability has increased thanks to one Russian dude who didn't get enough hugs, bits of silicon smaller than a postage stamp - or rather a lack of them - have thrown global trade into chaos, and some people have decided that digital drawings of cartoon monkeys scratching their bottoms are better investments than real things like gold, houses, and actual monkeys scratching their for-real posteriors. Around the time of the Ariya's debut I wrote a post about how I thought it was exactly what Nissan needed to get back on track as one of the world's leading carmakers. Here's a link if you want to refresh your memory. In that post I also talked briefly about how I had wanted to ge

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