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eX-Driver: The Anime That Predicted Our Automotive Future! (w/video)

  Lots of Japanese car enthusiasts are also fans of Japanese culture including yours truly. Regular readers will know I love anime in particular so naturally as a car geek I'm very interested in shows that are automotive-related. One of the best car-centric anime series to ever come out is eX-Driver. It was first released back in 2000 and had a very intriguing and somewhat prophetic premise: a world where almost all cars are AI-driven and nearly everybody has given up on learning to drive except for a select few skilled eX-Drivers. In this computer-controlled future the AI cars sometimes glitch and can pose a hazard to their occupants and other people so the eX-Drivers are critical to stopping the runaways before they can harm anyone. eX-Driver was created by respected manga author, character designer, and major gearhead Kosuke Fujishima. Although it enjoyed a decent degree of popularity when it first came out the show has faded into relative obscurity. With automated cars becomin

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