Shopping For A JDM Car? Check Out This Blog

Image source: Ebay

Just wanted to put in a plug for my friend's new blog - 

Dana, the guy behind the blog is a transplant from Canuckistan who took advantage of their far more sensible 15-year import restriction to enjoy JDM goodness for years. He's a fellow GT-R fan and since joining us in the Land Of The Free (Some Restrictions May Apply) he's used his previous experience from up north to help us long-suffering Americans to share in the mana from the land of sushi, sake, and Skylines.

On his blog he highlights JDM cars for sale that he finds notable - either for their uniqueness, quality, or in some cases, illegality as a warning to potential buyers. Note that he is not making any profit off the listings he posts - he's just sharing them for the benefit of other people looking to own a good JDM car. And so if you're currently shopping around for your own piece of awesomeness from the holy land of Nippon, check out his site - just don't hold out hope he'll list some giant robot or something, it's just cars (so far at least). 


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