23GT.net Now Has A Facebook Page!


It's Labor Day weekend so I hope you all are making the most of it by not laboring and instead enjoying some down time. I know I'll be trying to do that by hanging out with some friends and also attending a little Nissan event that I plan on talking about later on.

In the meantime I wanted to write a short post announcing that I've started a Facebook page for the blog. I realize that Blogger isn't the best when it comes to adding comments to posts since you have to use Google+, and a lot fewer people use that instead of Facebook. Love it or hate it FB is one of the biggest forces in social media so from now on when a new post goes up I'll be linking it on the FB page. Leaving comments here on the actual blog would still be better since it's linked to the actual article but if it's easier for you to use FB then feel free to post over there in the article link and I'll try to respond ASAP if you have any questions or input! Here's a link for y'all:

Every now and then I'll probably also throw on the page the odd picture or quick post that I feel may be of interest but doesn't merit a full blown blog post. If you've found this blog helpful and/or interesting – or maybe you've just been mildly amused by my desperate attempts at humor – then please like the FB page. Letting me know that you've benefited from this blog by posting a comment or simply liking the FB page helps keep me motivated to put out more quality posts – or at least I hope they're quality posts because I can never tell if I've accidentally killed someone with boredom after talking about my lug nut collection or the fresh scent of Motul motor oil for the umpteenth time.

Speaking of posting pictures, some of you may have noticed my Instagram feed has come to life again. I've been working on a side project that I'll be posting on soon but in the meantime I hope you'll be able to enjoy some of the fruits of my labor by checking out 23gt_blog on Instagram!

And with that I leave you to go back to your previously planned goofing-off time – or work if you're stuck doing that this holiday weekend. If it's the latter I extend you my commiserations and offer this amusing picture I randomly found on the interwebs to lighten your day: