Progress Bar: R32 Part 15 – Sensored!

We'll take a break from the DSport TAS Tour posts today in order to have a long-delayed update on my poor Nismo R32. I'll try to keep this short since you guys may be suffering from "TL:DR syndrome" because of the recent lengthy tour posts and I want you to know that I care about my devoted readers and I'm always looking out for your welfare.

But really I'm keeping this short because I've got to get back to hunting more robot dinosaurs in Horizon: Zero Dawn.  Lolz.

Anywho, I was hoping against hope that this would be the milestone update where I get to post a video of the car bursting at the seams with newfound vitality and copious horsepressure but sadly that's not the case. I'm starting to think I seriously pissed in the car gods' coffee in a previous life with these neverending issues - maybe in a past life I was an old Japanese geezer who backed over Skyline head engineer Shinichiro Sakurai's pet ferret or something?

The latest issue is the type that drives many gearheads to tear out their hair and wake up in the middle of the night in a cold, clammy sweat: electrical. For some reason the cam angle sensor doesn't seem to want to play nice so the guys at Black Market Racing have been busy tracing whether it's an issue with the sensor itself, the wiring, the new ECU, or maybe the lack of an appropriate human sacrifice on an altar made of discarded titanium exhaust piping.

Who knows?

Blah, it'll get done when it gets done I guess. One bright spot when I went to visit Black Market the other week was seeing my Nismo steering wheel properly mounted together with the trick Works Bell Rapfix II quick release I bought to go with it. And above  my period-correct steering wheel (thanks again to Sean Morris for the gift!) you might notice the CAN display for the ProEFI ECU and to the left of the column you'll see the controller for my Tein EDFS suspension system mounted as well. Since the car wasn't operable yet there was sadly nothing to display so I had to imagine I could play Space Invaders on the little screen instead.
I'll just have to maintain my faith that this project will turn the corner soon. In the meantime I'll start looking for discarded titanium exhaust know, just in case.

My car may not have been running yet but other customer cars at Black Market were getting their groove on including this 300ZX with a secret under its hood.
The Z32 has aged well over the years and some modern low-profile rims go a long way to making it look current. The big aftermarket brakes and body kit add some visual excitement but the real piece de resistance to this car is in the engine bay.

Yup, that's an RB26DETT instead of the original V6 mill and it's a super clean install to boot. 
The cooling plate is a nice custom touch and the red accents are certainly eye-catching without looking like eye-watering bling instead.

Overall, a very nicely done car that I'm sure the owner is proud to have. I know I'll be proud when my own project finally gets wrapped up whenever that may be but until then please keep coming back to the blog and I'll try to keep you entertained in the meantime. Next week I should be back with Day 4 of the DSport tour where we visit Super Autobacs, stare at a giant robot, and I screw up some, back to robot dinosaur hunting!