More US-legal R34s! (But they'll probably still be more than we can afford, pal).

No, I'm not quite back from my cycling-induced hiatus - I still have one more self-imposed torture session this month to train for. Yay for charity! 

This news was too good to not make a quick post about though. Mark from  (he's a nice guy and his site is very interesting for any Skyline and GT-R fan so make sure you follow that link!) shared the news with me that some enterprising individual has managed to convince the powers-that-be at DOT to grant entry papers to another rare variant of the beloved R34 Skyline.

In a previous post I've told you all about how the 1999 Midnight Purple II V-Spec cars are legal to import currently into the US, as long as you've got oodles of spare cash lying around from lottery winnings and/or drug deals. With R34 prices reaching levels close to "padded cell in Arkham Asylum" levels it was only a matter of time before someone tried to get another rare R34 variant added to the list. And that just happened with the chosen unicorn being the M-Spec Nur.
Image credit: Nissan

There were only 285 of these unique, more luxury-oriented R34 variants made. If you weren't aware, the "M" stands for then chief Skyline engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno-san who apparently preferred a little more pimp in his rocketship and called for the M-spec to get a retuned suspension and cushy heated leather seats on top of the V-spec II models performance enhancements. And then in 2002 to commemorate the end of R34 production they took the M-spec up to 11 by chucking in the Nur specification engine based on the N1 race motors and putting out a very healthy 330 hp (but shh, that's a secret 'cause everyone knows all Japanese cars of the '90s and early oughts maxed out at a 276hp).

So the good news is that the supply of potentially US-legal R34s has more than doubled with the 285 M-specs Nurs adding to the 282 MP2s already eligible on the Show or Display list. 
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The bad news is that without lottery or drug money we're probably all still out of luck with getting one since the M-spec prices are EVEN MORE BONKERS THAN MP2 CARS! They were hovering in the low six-digits even before this new wrinkle but speculators are no doubt going to drive those prices even higher now. 

If you really want to have one though, well, houses are overrated right?