Still Alive So Far!

What should have been just a couple of months away from blogging for me has turned into nearly four and counting. Maybe some of you have had theories about what happened. Maybe I got sideswiped by an errant senior citizen while oozing along on my bicycle? Or maybe said cycling replaced cars as my foremost passion and I decided to abandon my gasoline-swilling ways to achieve greater unity with Mother Earth and it's creatures?

Or maybe I just got lazy and decided getting a platinum trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn was a far better use for my time?

Well, I have been spending an unhealthy - or maybe I should say healthy - amount of time being the slowest person who ever pedaled a road bike the past few months...and I did get my platinum trophy in HZD sometime in May or so, but the main reason the blog has been more dead than a bible school in Eastern Syria is because I realized I had to take a break.

Cars have been a passion for most of my life and they still are but with the resurrection of my R32 GT-R taking more time than expected and a variety of other IRL issues to attend to I felt the extra time it took to maintain the blog to my personal standards needed to be spent elsewhere. If you've ever experienced a long build (and my Nismo's timeframe could be measured in geologic terms so far) you know some burnout eventually sets in - and that happened for me.

So I decided to focus on other things while waiting. I did a lot of cycling and finished a metric century. I went on my first trip to Hawaii with my family. I went camping for the first time in ages. I got caught up on some movie-watching and video gaming that was on my backlog. I made new friends. I learned that Saturday movie night is more enjoyable when you're exhausted from a hard workout.

Mostly I enjoyed life away from cars.

So, am I back now? Is the fire lit once more? I'll be honest and say, not quite. But it's getting there. 

I apologize for keeping you readers waiting but I'm also very thankful to you because without any new posts I thought the blog would rapidly wither but today I was very glad to see that it hasn't and the pageviews have even surpassed the 100 thousand mark! I wish I'd been there to celebrate it with a proper post but nevertheless thank you all for your continued interest.

As a reward for your visits to this tiny corner of the internet, I'll post one final tidbit - the Nismo R32 is finally running and here's a teaser image from the shop. Whenever I make a proper return to the blog I hope all of you will still be around to hear the full story. Thanks again and safe driving always!


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