Overnight Parts From Japan: Part 3 - More JDM Parts Sources

Back in 2015 I wrote two lengthy articles going on and on about where you can get parts for an R32 in the States. Hopefully Parts 1 and 2 proved useful to some of you in ensuring your cars got adequate love, attention, and the occasional, totally non-sexual fondle. The parts sources I mentioned back then are still valid places to check out now but four years is a long time and new businesses have sprung up since. So let me drop a few more names on y'all:

  1. Terra Firma Automotive – billing themselves as “America's Nissan R32-R33-R34 GT-R Parts Supplier”, Terra Firma almost exclusively deals in Skyline parts, mostly R32 items but with some bits and bobs for the R33 and R34, as well as the Silvia/240SX. Their website touts that their goal is a top-notch experience for their customers and that's been borne out by my orders so far. They've responded quickly to both calls and emails and have shipped out items right away whether I've bought through their site or via their eBay store. I highly recommend them!
  2. Japan Parts Service – If you're looking for used parts this place is worth a punt. They ship in parts cars from Japan and then take them apart once they're here in the US. Unfortunately a lot of parts on these 25-year old JDM cars are no longer available brand new or are prohibitively expensive if they are, so it's good to have a stateside source of pre-owned items. I had occasion to buy from them when I needed some interior pieces that I couldn't find new. I have to be honest though, my experience was a mixed bag. They shipped both of my orders promptly and one went perfectly fine but the other was missing a component I had specifically told them I needed. They rectified the situation promptly but it was still a hassle to have to contact them to send me something I'd specifically called them about so I recommend them with some reservations. Just make sure you thoroughly check your items once they arrive.
  3. GT-RR – this company's been around well before R32s started flooding in but I didn't mention them before because they previously focused on the R35 alone. With all the Skylines now reaching our shores they started adding more and more items for the older GT-Rs and in fact, they were the company that sold me my Nismo Fine Spec motor that now lets my Nismo R32 get around while making rowdy, rorty noises instead of sitting there, staring at me accusingly, and asking me how I've failed it. I'm sorry car, you're all better now right?!? Right?!? Anyway, getting back to GT-RR, they're just one division of big-time aftermarket parts company Bulletproof Automotive who you may have heard about because of their awesome (and expensive) shop and customer builds. They've got plenty of connections so if you've got the dosh and want something special from sacred Japan then there's a good chance they can get it for you.

Since we're on the topic of parts, now's probably a good time as any to mention Nismo's heritage parts program. In case you haven't heard Nismo has now put certain R32, R33, and R34 parts back into production to help those of us trying to keep these amazing cars in fighting fit condition. Although there are still a lot of parts that aren't available quite a few useful ones have already been made like front bumper covers, some of the harnesses, badging, and even some of the warning labels. Nismo keeps adding new parts so needless to say this is great news for us Skyline owners around the world. Although the parts are only for sale in Japan right now it's easy enough to order them from parts companies based there like Nengun Performance. Check out their R32 parts listing here.

And that's it for this post. I'll keep updating with new parts sources as I find them but if you have any shops you've had good experiences with that I haven't mentioned here or in the previous posts please feel free to tell me about them in the comments.