A US-Legal R34 GT-R For A Buck?!?


Image credit: TunerCult

It's been a crazy week for those of us here in the good old US and A thanks to the long, drawn-out presidential election. Chances are you're like me and have been glued to CNN, MSNBC, PBS Newshour, BBC, or whatever your favored source for your news fix is, eagerly awaiting any updates on the voting count.

Whether the weekend's results filled you with utter joy or sheer despair you might welcome this news that I'm about to share with you. TunerCult, the automotive apparel company that loves to raffle off sick rides to lucky bastards just announced their latest promo - a Show or Display Skyline R34 GT-R V-spec! They're even tossing in 60 grand of sweet spending money so that you can pay off the inevitable speeding tickets and insurance premiums! And all you need to enter is one measly dollar!

Well, not quite one dollar - basically anything you buy from TunerCult gets you ten entries per dollar you spend. If you're skint you can just buy a sticker for 10 bucks and get a hundred chances right there! Feeling flush? May I suggest the R34 Giveaway Mystery Box for 80 clams and 800 entries?

Needless to say the raffle has already garnered a lot of attention which means there's going to be a lot of competition for this baby. It's a pretty sweet-looking car with just a few tasteful mods, perfect to leave as-is or be a canvas for future upgrades - and that $60K on the side will go a long way to those mods! All it takes is one lucky entry though so if you haven't had the luck to find a US-legal R34 to import or don't have the funds for one then this may be your chance to score a dream car! Good luck! 

Hit this link to get the all-important deets!

P.S. I'm gonna score some R34 swag myself to go with the R35 Tunercult shirts I already have so yes, technically I'll be entered in the sweepstakes myself. No, I'm not trying to be greedy and win a second R34 when I already have one. I'm addicted to Nissan merch, okay? Don't judge me! :)


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