Video Killed The Blog About Cars?

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a nice and safe Thanksgiving if you live here in the US of A - or a nice and safe Thursday if you're from anywhere else. The blog has been quiet for the past few weeks but that hasn't been from a lack of effort on my part, in fact, I've actually been extremely busy working on stuff related to it!

The main thing I've been doing is getting stuff done with my GT-Rs. I had to take the R35 to San Diego recently for an audio upgrade which I'll be telling you more about in the coming weeks. Then I had to trailer my R34 up to Phoenix to get some important work done to it. My R32 on the other hand finally finished up with some important work of its own so it came back on the trailer with me.

All of that cool stuff I'll be talking about in the future except now you can look forward to more than just pretty pictures and witty prose for your dose of 23GT because I've decided to work harder on producing quality YouTube videos. 

Yeah, I've made a couple of videos before but those were like dipping a toe in the expansive waters of YouTube. I really didn't think much would come of it. I've been a writer since my childhood days and have never been much for seeking the spotlight. I certainly didn't seriously think many folks would want to watch me drone on about any subject I'm into like a low-budget James May who also happens to be less witty AND missing the cool British accent.

My Show or Display video has been a very pleasant surprise however. Despite having over 20 minutes of me in it it's been viewed 18 thousand times already and earned nearly 900 likes! I'm sure having a sexy Midnight Purple 2 R34 Skyline GT-R in it helps a lot but it seems my ugly mug wasn't enough to turn people away either.

I'd like to thank every viewer who devoted a little bit of their time to watching that video and any of the others I've posted, especially the ones who gave the ultimate vote of confidence by hitting the subscribe button. The best way I can express my gratitude however is by striving to make more quality videos so that's why I've been working hard these past few weeks to do just that. I've made several improvements that I hope you'll like so please check out the video accompanying this post to see them. 

This doesn't mean however that 23GT will be pivoting exclusively to video content. Making the Show or Display video as well as the rest made me realize that some stories are best told in moving pictures while others still benefit from the detail and clarity of the written word. I see the YouTube channel as a complement to - not a replacement for - the blog and most, if not all, of the videos I post will have a more extensive written article to accompany it. Just like with the Show or Display video you can get the gist of the topic on YouTube and then come here to dive into more detail. Going forward I hope you all find this a great new idea and get a lot of fun and info out of it.

Thank you very much for visiting and as always, drive safe!


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