Back From The Far East (Coast)!

Hello again everybody! It's been over a month since my last update because I took a long overdue vacation trip with my family. Originally I had hoped to return to my former home country of the Philippines and maybe make a stop in the glorious land of Japan on the way there but with the continued pandemic closures even a couple of vaccine shots and my full repertoire of Jedi mind tricks wasn't enough to bring that to reality.

Instead me and my family decided to meet up in Los Angeles then jet off to celebrate my birthday in one of my favorite spots in my current home country: the Florida Keys!

In a place like that with gorgeous turquoise waters, copious sunshine, and a laid-back tropical island atmosphere I'm sure you wouldn't blame me if all I did was ogle bikini-clad beauties, sip mimosas, and work on making my tan even tanner but just to show how hopeless of a car nut I am I decided to take a side trip to a place where rare JDMs go to find new homes!

Craft Sports USA is a new subsidiary of one of Japan's leading GT-R specialty dealers and they had a very fine selection on offer while I was there! From a bunch of rare Tommykaira's to a 1 of 50 Nismo 270R there was plenty of hot metal in their showroom to drool over! Naturally I shot a lot of photos and video while I could and I'll be sharing those with you in the coming weeks. (Just the cars though, no bikini beauties).

Before I left for the sun and sand I also found time to do a quick photoshoot of my Nismo R32 – now with extra aero and a more grounded look thanks to a new front splitter and side skirts. Be sure to come back to check out those pics as well!

I'm also hoping that I'll have updates on my R34 coming soon. I've got some exciting new parts expected to arrive so if things work out I should be doing a photoshoot to show off those new mods in the near future as well!

That's it for this quick update. I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy! Until next time, as always, drive safe everybody!