Video: Japan GT Championship 2003 Race 8 Highlights


It's the final round of the 2003 Japan GT Championship and it's come down to just a few contenders for the overall titles! As usual in the hard-fought and balanced racing environment of the JGTC the battle has extended all the way to the final round – and there's no better venue in Japan for a championship-deciding fight than the legendary Suzuka circuit.

In GT500 there's only three contenders left for the driver's championship. Only two really though, since the #36 WoodOne Supra is only mathematically in the chase but would need an absolute miracle where they snagged maximum points for the round while their other two rivals had disastrous results.

The two real contenders are the defending champion #1 Esso Ultraflo Supra and the #23 Xanavi Nismo Skyline GT-R. The two cars had taken totally different paths to the stop of the standings. While the Toyota had won two races but had some less-than-stellar results, the Nissan had no race wins but had consistently been finishing well in almost every round. This was to be the R34 Skyline GT-R's final race in the JGTC before the 350Z took over next season so would this be an epic swansong or would the defending champs prove just too good?

In GT300 the larger field predictably meant more candidates were still in the hunt for the title. Six cars would duke it out including the points-leading Porsche 911 and the 350Z and Toyota Celica which were newly added to the series that year.

Race 8 of the 2003 JGTC season was a thrilling end to a thrilling season so please enjoy the video!