Video: 2004 American Le Mans Year in Racing

Following on from the 2003 version that I uploaded back in April here's the summary video for the 2004 American Le Mans season. I meant to post this earlier but I went overseas again and got too busy to find time to do so - a hectic schedule of visiting three different countries will kind of do that and that's an adventure I hope to tell you about sometime.

Anyway, today this post is about the great racing from the 2004 edition of the now-gone American Le Mans Series. Although there's not really anything to interest anyone who's solely a JDM car fan there's plenty to watch for any fan of good racing. And just because there aren't any entries from the Land of the Rising Sun doesn't mean there aren't cool cars to gawk at either with the sleek Saleen S7R duking it out with the all-conquering Chevy Corvettes and of course the various prototypes whizzing about in their own classes.

I hope you enjoy the video while I work on future posts about my own vehicles! Until then, as always, drive safe everybody!