Garage Sale! (Updated 07/27/16) - Lets Get Rid Of More Stuff!

UPDATE: N1 oil pump is gone like inhibitions after a few too many five dollar margaritas. If you've had a few of those please feel free to open your wallets to welcome my old Greddy front-mount intercooler to your lovely abode or if you're feeling particularly posh I beseech you to free up some of my garage space by buying my turbos at a new low, low price guaranteed to be lower than any other guy with a Nismo R32 and a pile of parts lying around. Buy them before I have to break out my inflatable gorilla and dudes to spin signs on random street corners!

Hello all! If you've been following my blog posts and seen all the work that's going into my R32 you've no doubt guessed that a lot of parts are being replaced and that means one thing - a lot of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap to play with! 

It also means a lot of used parts lying around so in the interest of clearing up some space and helping replenish the old war chest I've decided to post a list of some parts that I'm selling off. If you're interested in making a generous contribution to The Skyline Conservancy and our goal of saving the poor, abused GT-Rs of this world then please email 23gtblog(at) with any questions or offers.

P.S. No emails please from Nigerian princes, political prisoners, or astronauts. Pron will be evaluated then discarded if not up to certain standards.

I'll be updating this list as more items become available but for now these are currently for sale (all prices do not include shipping. I'll ship to just about anywhere as long as buyer pays for it [exceptions include but are not limited to North Korea, Antarctica, and the lost continent of Atlantis]): 

Used big-ass Greddy R32 Front-mount Intercooler - now that I have my Nismo intercooler it's time for the old Greddy that came on my car to find a new home. Unfortunately it's got quite a few badly bent fins on the back courtesy of the previous owner but the front looks good as you can see from the pics. Most can be bent back into shape easily although there is one part about 3 inches long where they're probably too far gone. The core of the IC itself is big, large, and humongous at 59x29x10 cm in size and considering these things retail for about $1600 brand new then the low, low price I'm asking is a steal for someone looking for a big honking FMIC and doesn't mind putting in a little work to fix the fins. Buy this and your air charge will be so cool you'll have to sell tickets to its next concert - $250

Used pair of Power Enterprise PE1520R turbos - rated for over 500hp with the right mods, check this link if you've never heard of them before. One oil seal let go so they'll need a rebuild but there's no shaft play and the impellers are perfectly fine. Price includes the Power Enterprise turbo outlet pipes that came with the turbos. - Dropping the price to $500 or best offer

Like new RB26 N1 Oil Pump - removed from my Nismo Fine Spec motor. Replaced with a new Tomei oil pump before engine was ever started so this pump is basically brand new - SOLD


Brand new ARC R32 Super Induction Box - this is brand spanking NRFB new. Selling because the turbo kit I ended up getting won't work with it. Shame because it is a VERY sweet looking bit of kit. My loss, your gain I guess. - SOLD

Used RB26 longblock - this is the piece a lot of people have been asking about. I'm selling just the longblock - it won't have the turbos (those are being sold separately), ancillaries like the power steering pump, alternator, etc, or the front differential (it will have the oil pan though) - or the deluxe roll of shop towels in the picture. It will come with that snazzy wooden pallet and a bucketful of my thanks for purchasing it. Oh, and it does come with the matching coil cover, we just didn't have it on in this pic. As frequent readers will know we tested compression on this and found number six to be lower than the rest but we never took it apart to find out why. The timing belt, tensioners, and water pump are all practically brand new since all those were changed just before I ran into my engine issues. This would be good for someone wanting a base to rebuild themselves and/or possibly do a RWD conversion to put in a 240 or R32 GTS-T or their kid's Cozy Coupe - SOLD

Brand new Nismo Tension Rod set (part number 54460-RS580, fits AWD R32/33s) - SOLD

Used Do Luck interior brace – SOLD

Used OEM R32/Z32 MAF sensor x 2 (part number 22680-05U00) - SOLD

Used HKS Hi-Power exhaust - SOLD

Used R32 washer fluid reservoir with motors - $25

Tomei 310kph R32 GT-R speedometer - SOLD

Used N1 Headlights - SOLD (right side unit has crack in housing so basically I'm selling the left side one and throwing in the other for free)

Used Greddy R32 radiator, still functional and replaced only because it's colored blue - $100

Used Cusco front tension rods - SOLD

Used Cusco front upper arms - SOLD

Used Cusco rear upper arms - SOLD
Used OEM upper arm mounts - make an offer
Used OEM rear lower and upper arms - make an offer

 Used Cusco R32 brake master cylinder brace - SOLD

Thanks in advance for your generous financial aid as we continue our work to protect the endangered JDM cars of our world.


  1. Hi is the N1 oil pump still available? How much is shipping to Oregon? Thanks.

    1. Yup I still have the oil pump. Email me your address at and I'll get you a shipping quote. Thanks.


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