From Z To Shining Z - The Awesome Nissans of Z-Bash Including The New 2017 GT-R

Last weekend Motorsport Auto - a Z specialist shop in Orange, California - held it's annual Z-Bash at Angels Stadium in Anaheim. Previous editions of Z-bash were street gatherings but this year Motorsport Auto decided to move the venue to the nearby stadium because the car counts had just gotten too big. 

As you can tell from the name it's focused on Nissan's (and Datsun's) beloved line of Z cars but since the attendees are Nissan fans the organizers put out an open invitation to owners of the marque's other performance cars - the GT-R, Skyline, 510, and so on. Since I was free that weekend and had nothing else planned other than dying a few more times in Uncharted 4 I figured spending the day ogling a sea of Nissans amidst a huge crowd of fellow Nissan fanatics would be an awesome way to use up my Saturday. 

The organizers had also announced that Nissan would be sending some representatives there to show off the brand-new, updated 2017 R35 GT-R for the first time on the West Coast. That was all the excuse I needed to round up a friend, fire up my beloved 2010 GT-R, and head out very early that Saturday morning to head towards Southern California.

The long drive was well worth the effort because aside from being able to examine the 2017 GT-R closely before it hits showrooms some older GT-Rs showed up including two very nice Hakosukas. Of course there was every kind of Z under the sun and to top off this sweet confection of concentrated Nissan awesomeness there were some very nice 510s, Roadsters, plus a few oddballs as well. Please prepare yourself for another picture overload as I share with you some of the cool stuff from the show:

The show was packed with Z's of every description

There were also stalls selling a variety of Nissan merchandise and car parts, and I went home happy after scoring a very cool and rare Japanese Nissan jacket.
There was so much to see I forgot to take any pics of my car except for this single one when the meet was ending

As I mentioned above Nissan was there to show off some of their latest vehicles including the new Titan XD. They were also giving away event exclusive shirts.
Of course the star of Nissan's stand was the updated 2017 GT-R. I still prefer the original lines of my CBA but I really like the aggressive new look of the 2017.

The new interior is much more luxurious than before but I have to say I'm not a fan. The GT-R has always been a hard-core car to me so I never wanted it to be softened up.

The new wheels look great and are a vast improvement over the ugly ones on the 2016 Premium GT-Rs.

The back also sports a more heavily sculpted look.

Nissan's handy info placard.
Aside from my R35 a few others showed up...

...including this 2016 model that shows off those hideous OEM wheels I mentioned.
Of course I was far more interested in the two gorgeous Hakos that showed up. This red GT-R clone is owned by Takeshi of International Vehicle Importers.

This one was absolutely stunning.

Super clean inside and out!


I was surprised only one R32 showed up.
It wouldn't be called Z-Bash if it didn't have tons of Z's. This one was a very special example because it once belonged to Mr. K himself - Yutaka Katayama, the father of the Z.
I'm one of those who thinks Lambo doors are passe but you certainly don't see them often on vintage Zs.

I'd rather have this nice authentic example.

Another unmolested Z.

This was my favorite Z of the show. I've always preferred 2+2 GT cars but the old 2+2 Z's normally look awkward due to the kink in their rear roofline. This one rocked a great body kit that really helped the overall shape.

The lines flow much better than on other 2+2's I saw of the period and the wheels and fender mirrors are great touches. I could do without the subway strap though lol.

This nice-looking example is an autocross car for the owner.

This one is apparently a ChumpCar racer complete with full cage and endurance fuel cell.

Here's an original looking 2+2 280Z to compare with the one with the body kit earlier.

Call me crazy but I love that retro upholstery.

A Z convention this big will have all varieties of Z including the old LS swap.

I'd rather keep an engine swap in the family but the LS is a great motor.

Another very clean classic Z - this one's from a fellow resident of the Grand Canyon state.

Greg, the owner, restored this car himself and did a great job.

Another Z I loved from the show. Nothing beats black :)

There were plenty of newer Z's of course.

Does it shock you this one has a Middle Eastern plate? The foil wrap is very "Dubai" lol.

In stark contrast, and more to my liking instead of all the super bling cars was this great rat rod Z.

Gotta love the little details lol.

Let's not forget the classic Z32. This one was MINT!
The most interesting Z of the show though was this one - a one-off based off an old concept sketch by the head of Nissan's design team at the time of the original 240Z, Yoshihiko Matsuo.

Matsuo-san apparently envisioned the Z becoming a family of vehicles like the Skyline and Bluebird so he sketched a shooting brake!

I've personally always preferred the 510 over the Z when it comes to classic Datsuns - and the show had plenty of them too.

There was the retro...

...and the resto-mod.

Speaking of resto-mods, you gotta love this vintage Datsun pickup with the Hako front-end conversion!

The owner was a cool guy too and took the time to open up his hood to show off his sweet SR20 mill even though he was still busy setting up.

Won't be hauling drywall from Lowe's in this bed anytime soon.

Dyno runs were offered and as expected drew a big crowd.

This Esprit came to take advantage of the dyno.

I'm not so sure what brought this Toyota Corolla out to a Nissan event. Credit to Nissan fans that it made it out in one piece.
This is a Nissan blog so I'm not about to wrap things up with a TOYOTA - so here you go, a vintage Nissan Maxima to see you off :)