Halloween Car Cosplay 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! It's a busy time for me here in stately Oliver Manor since I have to get ready for all the lovely munchkins who'll be arriving in my neighborhood. This year I'm hoping doubling the number of land mines, claymores, punji pits, point defense cannons, alligators, and rabid squirrels with fricking laser beams will be enough to keep the little candy-craving halflings from bothering me.

Nah, just kidding! About the laser beams at least, those didn't ship in time...

Anyway, last year I commemorated the holiday with this post by sharing with you some pictures of Japan's infamous itasha - cars gaily dressed up in anime decor. This year I thought I'd do the same so please enjoy the following photodump of a wide array of itasha. I'll warn you ahead of time though that some of the examples shown here may cause this to be the most terrifying Halloween you've ever had. Hide the kids and please don't blame me if you wake up tomorrow morning in a pool of cold, clammy sweat.

I'll start off with some pictures I took myself:

I found this Macross-themed S14 at MacrossWorldCon 2016 in Torrance, California. Macross is by far my favorite anime series and my friends and I always make a point to attend MWC every year. It's an awesome little con that's still truly run by fans for fellow fans. 

This car will be familiar if you've read my previous itasha posts but this time I met the owner Chris who has his own itasha-centered Facebook page called ItaAntics. Check it out here.
MacrossWorldCon was the first time I ever saw an itansha - an ita-fied motorcycle - in the States.
Saboten Con is our largest anime convention here in Arizona and this Hatsune Miku themed SC300 was parked out in front of this year's event.

I think most car nuts can sympathize with this regardless of the types of vehicles they fancy.

The SC wasn't alone for very long as the Miku-themed Miata I saw last year came back for another visit. This time I decided to take more detailed pics.

Last year's Halloween post had a metric crapton of photos from the Odaiba G Festa in Japan so I tried looking for pics from this year's event. Unfortunately I couldn't find any and it doesn't even look like one was held this fall in Japan. There was a smaller gathering as part of a different event in April though so here are some pics I found from there. All of these pics aren't mine and are from Anime News Network.

 A lot of these cars were HARDCORE!

I warned you some of these pictures would be the stuff of nightmares!

I see Pedobear managed to make it to Japan.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's a Ferrari F12 itasha. Somebody is guaranteed to pull all the 2-D waifus in Akihabara with this thing.

After that Ferrari these Audis look almost pedestrian lol. Plus points for the life-size Holo standee though.

If you're a Nissan fan you've probably never heard of J's Racing since they're a Japanese Honda tuner. I used to have a Honda Fit which is why I know of them. I'll go hang my head in shame now...

Subaru decided to make a play for the otaku crowd last year by sponsoring their very own magical girl anime series. The main character is named Subaru - of course - and she and her friends ride around on what are basically magical driveshafts. No, I am not shitting you.

Of course, it wasn't just cars there.

But THIS has to be the standout effort of all. There's painfully embarrassing, there's "I'd rather dance to Vanilla Ice's Play That Funky Music in a pink tutu on the stage of Radio City Music Hall" embarrassing, and then there's THIS THING.

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone!

P.S. If you haven't had enough punishment, there's always my other post on itashas in America.


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