Happy Holiday Hiatus!

Image credit: Nissan

Merry Christmas everybody! It's that time of the year again when we (hopefully) take a break from all the normal craziness in our lives and instead spend time thinking of family and friends, wish everyone joy and peace, and settle down to wait for some strange overweight philanthropist to come in the night and give us presents in exchange for some cheap cookies and cow juice.

I'll be taking this opportunity to take a break from updating the blog. It takes a lot of time to put together the kind of writing and photos that I think are worth posting for your reading pleasure so it'll be nice to have a brief breather. Maybe now I can finally get around to helping a certain boy band save the world while catching chocobos and flirting with hot mechanics on the side.

Anyway, I don't want to go off and leave you with nothing to look forward to so here's a brief list of stuff that might interest you when normal service is resumed here on 23GT.net:

    • My first proper trip to Japan where I'll be making the pilgrimage to Nissan HQ! Hopefully Yokohama PD doesn't end up being called to drag away the weird gaijin!
    • The long-delayed completion of my Nismo R32's build and restoration.
    • More DIYs as I finish up said R32.
    • A set of articles on car-related things to do in Las Vegas. I've been meaning to post on that earlier since my last trip there but had to keep putting it off. I'll talk about exotic car rentals, the Shelby Heritage Center, the Hollywood Car Museum, etc etc.
    • More photography related posts including more Carnucopia features
    • And of course a lot more of the usual random stuff you've come to expect!

This being a festive season and all, let me sign off by posting this link to the biggest celebration of all things Nissan on this little rock we call home: Nismo Festival 2016!



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