Lensman: Post-R's Day Photoshoot And Some Other Pics

R's Day has come and gone but as you could probably tell from my post about it the event was a pretty memorable and enjoyable one for me. Since my R35 was a soggy, rain-soaked mess afterwards I decided to do a photoshoot of it after I gave her a good cleaning but before I removed the numbers from the event. The resulting photos came out pretty nice in my humble opinion so I thought I'd share them on here.

Photography's fun and all but I wish trying to catch the best light didn't have to mean dragging my lazy butt out of bed far earlier than my preferred time of reanimation. The dramatic lighting that you get though...

 Twilight really adds to the mood of a shot.

I've already removed the numbers from the car but these pictures will stay on as reminders of a bucket list moment in my life.

You might also remember me mentioning in my first post about car photography that I've been trying to get as much practice as possible to improve my skills. Back then I mentioned that one way I was getting that practice was by taking photos at our local Cars and Coffee meets. Here are some photos I've gotten since that last post:

Our local meets are light on the exotics bigger city Cars and Coffee gatherings get but we do get an eclectic mix of cars nonetheless. Cars like this lovingly restored 1948 Jeepster.

 Imports are very common of course like the Z or the Toyobaru twins.

 Some of them stand out more than others.

Here's an import from a different part of the world. I'll be featuring this pretty little 2002 in a Carnucopia post in the future.

The domestic crowd is also well represented as they worship the gods of horsepower.

But I couldn't end one of my blog posts with a set of Mopars so I'll wrap up with my GSX-R750 sharing in the yellowness of a friend's 370Z :)



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