Happy Holidays from 23GT.net!

Image credit: JacksxnBerry on Reddit
Happy holidays to all of you out there whether you're about to celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or maybe just Holiday if you're a Pastafarian. I hope this is an enjoyable time for all of you whether you spend it huddled around a hot meal with your family or huddled around a cold engine block struggling to bring it back to life with the use of a Swiss Army knife, a pair of rusty nails, and the single lonely lemon you had left in the fridge.

Me? I'll be busy with various things including the usual gift distribution - or as my friends prefer to call it, "hostage exchange" - but I'll also be working on important stuff for Project Astrid and hopefully wrapping up the video for the Nissan Guest Hall I've had to keep putting off. I hope you'll join me next year for more GT-R goodness. Until then, enjoy and drive safe!


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