Astrid is here!

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!

Sorry, the excitement made me go into another mental spasm there but yesterday I finally realized the dream that I've had since I was a pimply, over-hormoned kid playing Gran Turismo and first discovering these fascinating and exotic cars called Skylines.

After getting my approval letter from NHTSA my original plan had been to drive up to Canada and pick up my R34 GT-R myself but our dear friend Corona decided she was having none of that noise and shut down the border. This meant I had to scramble for an alternative. After a couple of weeks of research, making phone calls, wiring money, peddling wait, not that last one, I was able to arrange a customs broker to handle the import paperwork and a commercial car transport company to actually take the car across the border.

The car got picked up last Saturday and then just a few days later this snazzy truck rolled up my street.

I had to wake up extra early because the only time the driver could drop it off was before I had to leave for work but who's going to complain about losing some shut eye when the trailer opens up and reveals this:

One jump start later since the battery was dead from the long storage and my new baby took her first steps on US soil as an immigrant instead of a temporary guest.

And soon she got to meet her younger sister:

Oh yes, she is mine! 

Next begins the ordeal of getting her registered with Arizona MVD to make our partnership fully official. I'm sure Ms. Corona is going to make that even more torturous than usual but at least the hardest part is over with the car in the country officially!

Stay tuned to the blog for future updates on what it's like owning a US-legal R34 Skyline GT-R, how you can get one yourself if you're so inclined, and the various plans I have in store for my new baby!

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!