Video: Japan GT Championship 2002 Race 3 Highlights

Three rounds into the 2002 Japan GT Championship and it's pretty much been a two horse race in the top-tier GT500 class with Honda's NSX and Toyota's Supra trading wins in the opening pair of races. Nissan's Skyline GT-R had been nowhere in those rounds with a sixth place finish the best showing so far for any of them.

One reason the Nissans were struglling was because they were still running the same race car as last year with no major changes. For this latest round at Sportsland Sugo the new version of the GT500 R34 GT-R race car would finally debut. Instead of the legendary RB26 twin-turbo inline-six, the new car would instead have a VQ twin-turbo V6 powerplant which promised better weight distribution versus the old motor.

Honda weren't standing still either and debuted a new dorsal air intake for their mid-engine NSXs.

Would this be enough to drastically change the balance of power in the JGTC? Watch the video and find out!


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