Yes, this is a car blog but I'm going to talk about Ukraine anyway.

Unless you've been living under a rock or in a creepy van by the river with no internet access you've probably heard of the horrific events currently unfolding in eastern Europe. Last week Russia launched an unprovoked attack on the independent nation of Ukraine.

Russia – or more specifically their autocratic and deranged president Vladimir Putin - has made the blatant lie that this is a “special operation” meant to “liberate” the people of Ukraine from a tyrannical and oppressive government. This completely ignores the fact that the current government was freely elected by the Ukrainian people, not to mention that Russia's idea of liberating the populace from oppression apparently involves bombarding them with countless artillery shells and cruise missiles.

Ever since the break-up of the old Soviet Union in the late 90's Russia's leader has been unable to accept that the Ukrainians don't want to be subservient to them in the same way that they've been for centuries when successive empires controlled them. Ukraine has repeatedly signaled that they want to live more like their democratic counterparts to the west in the European Union rather than like their autocratic eastern neighbor that's treated them like second-class citizens even when they were still part of the Soviet Union. First the Ukrainians staged mass protests that ousted the old Russian-leaning establishment in 2013, then they voted in a new government that favored closer ties with the west.

Ever since that happened Russia's bully of a president has refused to accept the will of the Ukrainian people. More so, he's been afraid of such a large country as Ukraine that's right on his border becoming a partner of the Western countries that he continues to view as rivals despite the decades of peace since the end of the Cold War.

His aggression manifested itself in the armed occupation he staged of Ukraine's southern region of the Crimea in 2014. Although this was met with international condemnation Putin basically got away with a slap on the wrist. Now, emboldened by success just like other oppressive dictators like Hitler and Saddam Hussein he's launched a war to take over the rest of the Ukraine.

This can't be allowed to stand!

Putin is a bully and bullies big and small just get greedier and more reprehensible the more they get away with their actions. If he absorbs the Ukraine into his unhinged vision of a renewed Russian empire he won't stop there – other independent countries like Poland, Georgia, and Moldova will be in his crosshairs next.

Especially if you're an American it's easy to dismiss this “foreign war” as something that shouldn't involve us but we ARE involved. A madman has destroyed decades of relative peace and doesn't just want to start a new Cold War but is actually pushing the world to the brink of another World War. All because he's asz crotchety bastard who lives in the past and can't feel secure unless he can show the world his wrinkly, useless old balls are bigger than everyone else's.

If freedom and democracy, hell, even simple human dignity, are important to you the war in Ukraine should be something to be involved in. The Ukrainian people just wanted to live their lives like everyone else and enjoy freedoms and progressiveness they never had under Soviet rule. They are in a fight for their very lives and identity as a nation and as people who love freedom ourselves we should support them. They have shown extraordinary courage and conviction despite the stacked odds against them so please consider donating to aid them via the links below.

Also, if you need more convincing here's some great YouTube videos to get you up to speed on what's happening:


  1. I don't agree with wars for any reason but no head of state listens to me anyway. I hope you have heard about Iraq and the USA. Have you also heard about Cuba and the USA? Well, to make a long story short, one of those countries, tried to crush the two other countries out of existence, at different points in time. And that is just a very very short list of the countries it tried to put out of existence.
    There are lots of bad people in the world and innocent citizens everywhere have my sympathies but charity begins at home.

    1. Yes, charity begins at home but no one is soliciting donations for Cuba or Iraq because neither of those countries endured an unprovoked invasion by a country that then proceeded to slaughter their populace and decimate their infrastructure for no other reason than having an insecure, nihilistic, and sociopathic dictator deciding he wanted to do so. That's what happened in Ukraine and neither revisionist history nor misinformation by Russian agents and apologists will change that reality. It doesn't help either that Cuba and Iraq were led (in the case of Cuba it's still led) by an oppressive dictatorship that doesn't believe in freedom of speech or a people's right to select their leaders.


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