Video: Japan GT Championship 2002 Race 7 Highlights

Thanks to the success ballast and balance of performance systems used by the Japan GT Championship the championships are often hotly contested by multiple teams even as the season draws to a close. The penultimate round is where the field really narrows and that promised to be the case again in 2002. Coming into the seventh round five teams in GT500 were realistically in the running for the title with a similar situation in the lower GT300 class. Tough conditions promised to halve the number of contenders as very cold weather descended on the Mine Circuit that was hosting the event.

Incidentally this race would also be the last time Mine Circuit would host the JGTC with the track being sold to Mazda and turned into a private testing ground a few years later. In 2002 however it still played host to another thrilling round of GT racing so please enjoy the video!