Kidney N1? - More US-legal R34's become available! (a TINY bit more)

If you've been following my posts about US-legal R34 GT-Rs through Show or Display importation you'd know that it all started with the 1999 Midnight Purple 2 V-Specs like the one I have, of which only 282 were made. Then years later someone successfully petitioned for the 285 M-Spec Nur's to be legally imported, like I detailed in this post.

With prices for R34 GT-Rs - especially ones that are legal to import NOW to the USA - appreciating like cryptocurrency (but minus the shadiness and volatility) and passion for the last RB26-powered Skylines also staying stratospheric it was only a matter of time before someone else tried to expand the selection of san-yons that could qualify for a green card.

A few days ago that time indeed came and broke the news that the N1 models have now also gotten Show or Display approval!

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Woot! Time to break open the piggy bank, get that home equity loan, and buy one up so you can join the lucky few legal US R34 owners!

Well, it would be if it weren't so damn hard to find an N1 in the first place. If you thought a one of 200ish car like an MP2 V-Spec or an M-Spec Nur was a unicorn the N1's might as well be a unicorn that's won the Kentucky Derby, slain the Red Bull of King Haggard, invented a cure for diabetes, AND knows the winning numbers for the next Mega Millions lottery.

Only fifty-six of these all-singing, all-dancing unicorns were ever made, split between 38 of the V-Spec I's and 18 of the V-Spec II's.

See, these cars weren't made for general consumption. You had to special order these babies 'cause your were proper hardcore. As in, no A/C, no stereo, full-thickness-paint-weighs-too-much hardcore. I'm sure you had to survive a knife fight with John Wick as part of the ordering process.

Like the R32 N1's that I talk about here, and the R33 N1's that I talk about here, the R34 N1 was meant to go racing so it was lightened by deleting a lot of bits here and there and then getting a strengthened N1 engine block and steel-bladed turbos. Oh, and the V-Spec II's got the same snazzy NACA-duct equipped carbon hood as regular V-Spec II's but minus a coat of body color paint because racecar. 

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And also like all previous N1's it came in any color you wanted as long as that was white.

Being such specialized beasts meant not many people bought N1 GT-Rs - probably just Japanese Chuck Norris and a few of his buddies. So unfortunately, that sadly means this isn't the dawn of R34's for all Americans. But hey, more is good right?

Oh, did I mention GTR-Registry has an N1 or two they're advertising for purchase as of this writing? PM them at their FB page for details and be sure to ask for those Mega Millions numbers!