Happy Holidays Everyone!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Awesome Festivus, or whatever your chosen holiday is this season! I know I haven't been updating the blog much lately but I just have so many proverbial coals in the fire that finding time to put up a worthwhile post has been really difficult lately. It just wouldn't be right though for me not to wish all of you out there a wonderful holiday season! I hope your having a good one and if not, I hope it gets better. I also hope we can all take the time to do something nice for any people in need currently whether they're a neighbor you have that's apart from their family, or a stranger affected by the current crazy blizzards here in the US, the war in the Ukraine, or all the other various issues that are ongoing. God bless all of you and here's a Christmas-themed GT-R that hopefully brings a bit more joy to your day :)

Image credit: Autoevolution