Video: 2004 Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series Year In Racing

Hello everybody! Hope you all had your fill of family and fine food this past Thanksgiving. It's been a busy past few weeks for me so I haven't been able to post anything new. Aside from the usual "life getting in the way"-type stuff I've been attending some local car shows with the R32 and R34 and then last weekend I made the trip out to Willow Springs to finally attend R's Day again. That was an awesome time and I plan on posting about it as soon as I can find some time that isn't already accounted for.

Anyway, today's post is another classic racing video. Following on from the last upload of the 2003 Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series is this summary of the next season. In that last video the Daytona Prototype category first made its debut and since then the class had seen explosive growth. From just six cars in the class in the debut race at the Daytona 24 Hours, seventeen would now take the green flag a year later with some heavy hitters entering the fray like NASCAR powerhouse Chip Ganassi racing.

The lower classes had also seen an overhaul with the GTS class being removed in favor of keeping the slower GT cars so that there was a bigger performance differential to the top Daytona Prototype class. Replacing GT as the lowest rung in the series though would be the Super Grand Sport or SGS class that was transferred over from the Grand Am Cup support series.

Although I admit that the DP rules made for some shall we say "aesthetically-challenged" race cars thanks to their short, blunt fronts and large cockpits it did succeed in getting a lot of attention from major race teams, chassis builders, and engine manufacturers. That made for some exciting, close racing that any fan of sports car or endurance racing shouldn't miss. Please enjoy the video!


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