Super GT 2015 Round 3: Back-to-back Double Wins for the Nissan GT-R!

If you're a GT-R fan or an avid Gran Turismo player or both you may have heard of a little racing series called Super GT. Whether or not you're a fan of the Nissan GT-R, if you love good motor racing you owe it to yourself to watch this series. It may not have the global reach and massive expenditures of Formula 1 or Le Mans but it rivals the technology, the cars are absolutely sexy, the racing is even better (far closer than F1), and they have race queens. RACE QUEENS!

Up until recently there was no way of watching the races properly in English but Nismo's Youtube channel Nismo.TV started simulcasting Super GT ever since last year – which coincidentally saw the #23 Nismo GT-R win the GT500 championship which is the higher spec of the two classes of Super GT, the other being GT300. The GT300 title went to a BMW Z4 decorated with pictures of digital cutie Hatsune Miku.

I'll go over more details and reasons why you should watch Super GT in a later post but I just finished watching the third round of this year held at the new Chang International Circuit in Thailand. What a cracking good race it was! As I hinted at in the headline, the #46 Mola GT-R won GT500 and the #3 B-Max GT-R won GT300. Last round at Fuji Speedway the defending champion #1 Nismo GT-R scored a pole-to-finish victory while the #10 Gainer Tainax GT-R powered through from third to take the GT300 win. And so all four of the class victories in these last two races have been won by GT-Rs!

The S Road MOLA GT-R seen at round 2 in Fuji. All still images from

In case you're wondering, the first round at Okayama Circuit (formerly known as TI Aida) saw heavy rain and bad luck conspire to give the GT-R contingent bad results despite good form early on while the #37 Keeper Tom's RC-F won the higher category and the #31 apr Toyota Prius won GT300 (Yep, hard as it might be to believe this series has a racing Prius but it's not your neighbors ecocar that's for sure. Le Mans V8 with the production car's hybrid system attached tickle your interest?).

With this round's results the #37 Lexus manages to stay on top of the GT500 championship standings but the GT-R contingent has closed ranks with the consistent but so far winless #12 Calsonic GT-R coming within 3 points of the top spot, the #1 Nismo in third just 1 more point behind, and the latest winner #46 Mola GT-R vaulting up to fourth just two points back from the #1 car.
The defending champion Nismo GT-R takes the round 2 victory.

In GT300, thanks to this win the B-Max GT-R passes the Prius in the point rankings but ends up just short of the top position by a solitary point. That spot is held solely by Andre Couto in the #10 GT-R because of having different co-drivers in this round and the last one. 

The GT300 championship leading Gainer Tainax GT-R

So overall, it's looking like another strong season for Nissan in Super GT but anything can happen so if you want to follow proceedings head over to Nismo.TV on Youtube for the next round back at Fuji Speedway on August 9th!

Thailand GT300 winning B-Max NDDP GT-R

Links to the first two races are below if you want to catch all the glorious action: