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This particular Progress Bar post will be a bit different. I won't be talking about what we've been able to do to the car since the last update, instead I'll be talking about the (mostly) final list of parts going into the build. The parts list was in flux before but now nearly everything has been locked in with the pieces already here mostly with just a few left to wait for. There may be a few smaller parts we'll end up changing as we go about putting it all together but this list should cover the major points.

For clarity I've divided it into handy categories.



The new motor is slowly having the new parts added - here's the new billet fuel rail in place.

Nismo Fine Spec Final Edition RB26DETT
    • 1 of 200 limited edition motors built by Nismo Omori Factory
    • N1 block
    • N1 pistons
    • N1 piston rings, Nismo precision assembled
    • N1 con rods, Nur spec built and balanced
    • Nismo con rod bearings
    • Nismo main bearings
    • Nismo metal head gasket
    • N1 water pump
    • Nismo reinforced timing belt
    • Exclusive Fine Spec Final Edition coil cover and timing belt cover plate (for maximum panty my dreams)

The Fine Spec also comes with a few additional features but we'll actually be changing those for even better components:
    • The N1 oil pump is only slightly better than the stock one so I decided to swap that out for a Tomei high-output oil pump
    • Because the Tomei will be much higher output we've also removed the stock oil pan and swapped it for a Racefab expanded oil pan with custom baffle plates and extended oil pickup to have an extra 2 liters of oil
    • The new Racefab sump also means the Nismo baffle plate won't be used.
    • Since we already have the pan off, the stock front differential will also be swapped for a Nismo LSD
Since my Fine Spec is an R34-spec motor we had to swap the front diff anyway so might as well put in a new LSD.


  • ProEFI 128 ECU with CAN display and logger
  • Nismo GT intake plenum
  • Wiring Specialties R34 coil conversion kit
  • Billet Performance fuel rail
  • Bosch 1000cc fuel injectors
  • Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator
  • Denso Nissan Quest alternator for increased output (120A versus 80A stock)
  • Nismo fuel pump
  • Greddy oil filter relocator and oil cooler (already on car from before)
  • new R34 cam angle sensor
  • Nismo reinforced motor mounts
  • Koyorad radiator (already installed before)
  • Nismo radiator cap
  • New hoses
  • HICAS delete with conversion to R33 single-stage PS pump (already on car)
  • New OEM oil dip stick (baller!)


    • Full Race EFR RB26 Twin Turbo Kit with Borg Warner EFR 62/58 Turbos
    • Full Race merge pipe, exhaust manifold, and turbo outlet pipes
    • Greddy intercooler (already on car)
    • Mine's stainless downpipe (already on car)


I LOVE titanium :)

    • Tomei Expreme Ti titanium catback exhaust
    • cat delete pipe (already on car)


    • Rebuilt OEM transmission
    • Nismo Super Coppermix Twin-plate clutch
    • Nismo reinforced transmission mount
    • Nismo reinforced clutch line

    • Full rebuild and refinishing of R33 front calipers and OEM rear calipers that came on the car
    • New DBA slotted rotors front and rear
    • New Hawk HPS brake pads front and rear
    • Stainless steel brake lines (already on car)
Fresh new slotted rotors from Disc Brakes Australia.


I love how the Tein parts say "Shock Absorber Kit Performed by Tein". Art or just bad English lol?

    • Tein Flex Z coilovers
    • Tein EDFC Active control system
    • Nismo circuit link set, tension rods, and front upper arms
    • Nismo rear suspension arms
    • Cusco carbon fiber strut bars front (with brake master cylinder brace) and rear
    • Nismo rear reinforcing bar
    • Nismo front reinforcing bar
    • OEM steering rack rebuild
    • Nismo steering rack mounts


    • new OEM badges
    • Stickers ('cause they add HP!)

    • Dash re-covered in Italian leather
    • Nismo steering wheel
    • Works Bell Rapfix II removable steering wheel mount
    • Nismo speedo with modifications to the dash cluster (CF overlay and custom bezels)
    • Superior Auto CF center console bezel overlay
    • Nismo R32 seat covers
    • Nismo CF/aluminum shift knob
    • Italian leather shift and parking brake boots
    • CF center console box overlay
    • Reconditioning of door cards and install of new speaker grilles
    • Nismo kill switch lighter
    • Dash LED conversion
    • Kenwood Excelon head unit and speakers
    • Replacement of worn or damaged interior trim panels
    • Italian leather passenger door handle and brake handle wrap
    • New carpet and Stinger Roadkill install
    • Replacement of missing trunk trim
    • New parcel shelf
    • New car smell infusion upon completion

So as you can see this R32 will be practically a new car by the time we're through. I hope you'll keep coming back for updates!


  1. First off, thank you for writing this blog. I am a serious perspective buyer of an R32 GTR and it has been refreshing to read through your story both good and bad. I don't know how much feedback you get on your posts, but felt it was necessary to show some appreciation for what you are doing.

    Secondly, this list of modifications is amazing. Looks like the car will be amazing when its completed. Excited to see how it turns out, especially the interior upgrades.

    1. Thanks for the posting a comment. It's always great to hear from people who find the blog useful. It helps keep me motivated to keep posting :)

      Best of luck with your search for an R32!

  2. Looks like a great list for a great street/track car. Are you expecting around 600whp, I guess?

    1. With this setup I'm sure it could do 600whp but I'll probably shoot for 500whp at most. I think that's a nice number that won't be too much for the mostly street use the car will get and leave things well within the limits for reliability. Making the car as steadfastly reliable to drive as my R35 is job #1 for me. I hate having a car down for work - which is why this whole long process has been straining my nerves lol.


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