23GT Is Under New Management

With a heavy heart (but an even heavier wallet), I have to sadly inform all of you that as of today, April 1st, I've sold the rights to 23GT.net. The dedicated fanbase and yuge readership of 23GT.net earned the attention of respected adult entertainment provider Pornhub and well, they gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. 

From now on 23GT.net will change its name to AutoErotic.com and will strive to become the premier source of adult entertainment for the dedicated gearhead. Unlike other pornographic sites AutoErotic.com will promise to have a mix of stimulating erotic content combined with relevant news and information for the car lover (kind of like Playboy before they decided to get all PC). 

Since the petrolhead demographic is decidedly skewed towards the straight male AutoErotic.com will primarily feature content meant to please that segment but female readers of 23GT.net needn't despair. There may be few of you but you are foremost in my mind - for your needs we'll be launching a sister site (or maybe I should say brother site) called SausageMagnet.net where the content will be less "Showgirls" and more "Magic Mike". Of course, the LGBT readership can feel free to avail of whichever site they prefer.

Thanks to this sudden infusion of cash I'll be taking a break from blog posting but rest assured the writer's fire still burns strongly within me and I'll be helping to add content to both sites after I have some time to catch up on my video game backlog, do some trackdays with my Plymouth Horizon, replace the burnt-out bulb in my kitchen that keeps bugging me, clean my toilet, and polish my belt buckle collection - in short, a lot of important master-of-the-universe type stuff. On my return you can rest assured that you'll once again be able to sample my masterful writing, witty prose, errant moral compass, and complete lack of journalistic integrity!

And with that I bid you adieu for now! Now please reload this page and be sure to answer the question about whether you're above age 18 or not to keep reading.


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