It's Thanksgiving So Let's Be Thankful 2021 Version!

Another trip around the sun and here we find ourselves at that time when Americans like to engage in either unhealthy amounts of eating, or unhealthy amounts of shopping, or both. Of course, this year is still a little different thanks to that stupid microbe that I - and I'm sure most of you - wish would just stuff itself back up the asscrack of whatever bat or snake or deranged animal fetishist it crawled out of so we can engage in all those unhealthy activities like normal again.


Well, we're not quite there yet although things are looking a bit better. At least now we have vaccines to mitigate the worst of the virus, global commerce and travel are starting to get back to normal, and I can still get two Sausage McMuffins for around 4 bucks every morning. Lovely.

So yeah, there's plenty of suckage to still go around like worsening inflation, continued deaths from COVID, climate disasters depriving people of their homes, etc. etc. ad nauseum but there's also still plenty to be thankful for so I'm keeping this particular tradition on alive with a new post.

This time though I'm gonna say something a little different - instead of my usual laundry list of things I'm grateful for I'm just going to mention ONE thing:


I'm just thankful everything that's in the world is still around! 2020 was a horrible, horrible year but I'm typing this and you're reading it so just the fact we made it this far is something to appreciate.

Let's take a moment to pay our respects to the over 5 million people who didn't make it to today due to COVID and all the other millions who also aren't greeting this day for one reason or another.

Having done so, let's take a moment for ourselves and think about how we're lucky we weren't part of those grim statistics. Where there's life, there's hope, and that is more than enough to feel enormous gratitude for.

HA! Didn't think I'd forget the traditional Thanksgiving image would you? No sirree. This year, as with prior years this image exemplifies multiple things I'm thankful for: First, GT-Rs of course because they're the reason for this blog's existence. Second is the Second Amendment and the rights it confers to American citizens (use those rights responsibly people!)

Oh, and yeah, third is BOOTS! Boots are awesome. I've got tons of them myself - hiking boots, motorcycle racing boots, street ridings boots, etc. Don't have any cowboy boots yet but maybe someday when I have a cow as well I'll get some.

Yup, I think that's everything in this year's picture I'm thankful for. So have a happy Thanksgiving everybody and drive safe as always!

If there's something you're particularly thankful for this year please feel free to share in the comments!


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