Paying It Forward: R32 Edition

If you frequent the various Skyline and GT-R forums out there you may have already seen threads I've started for an idea I had in order to assist people in getting help with their R32s. Simply put, I've been compiling a list of Skyline (or other JDM car) owners who are willing to take the time to give advice to a prospective buyer or current owner. Here's the explanation I've posted:

Hello ladies and gentlemen. If you own an R32 here in the US you probably already know that it's not exactly the easiest car to own and maintain largely because of a lack of widespread resources and info here in the land of apple pie and easy gun ownership. I know from my own experience that I would have had a much harder time getting my R32 GT-R registered if it hadn't been for the assistance of some wonderfully helpful JDM car owners here in my state of Arizona. Since then I've started my blog to help spread info about JDM car ownership in the US to prospective and current owners but I can't possibly answer every question of course.

So, here's what I'd like to do – if you own an R32 or other JDM imported car in the US I'd like you to contact me if you'd be willing to help others out if they have questions about their own cars that they are importing or have already imported. Since registration and ownership situations can vary greatly from state to state I'd like to compile a list of owners who can help someone out if they have trouble, preferably someone who lives in the same state or at least in the same part of the country.

There would be two situations you would probably be called on to help:
  1. Someone has a car on the way or already here but needs help getting it registered.
  2. Someone needs help finding a good shop locally to get their car inspected or fixed.
I may contact you to help with other issues but only if it's appropriate.

Email would be the preferred contact method but if you have an alternate way you'd like to give (such as PM on a forum) that'd be great too. What would basically happen would be if someone contacts me through my blog or a forum I go to, or if I see a forum post asking for help you would then get an email from me asking if I can share your contact info with that person and extend an offer to help them out. I'd just like you to share your knowledge; I don't expect you to do anything financial or anything like that and won't hold you to a standard – just the fact you're willing to help another person out is enough.

So what'll happen would be something like this (this is just an example mind you): I see someone on SkylineOwnersAnonymousAndOnlineDating.Com who posts “Hi! My name is Stacy and I'm an ex-porn star and I just imported an R32 Skyline but the DMV won't let me register it even after I flashed the clerk! Helps me plz!”

After contacting Stacy and making sure she needs legit help with her issue, if I can't answer all her questions you'd then get an email from me saying “Hey, have you seen this girl Stacy with the R32? She's hot! Here's some links to her vids! Oh., and you wanna give her advice on getting her car registered?”

Only after you give me the okay would I then share your contact info, discreetly by the way so you don't get more emails from Nigerian princes and male enhancement vendors (I won't just post your email publicly – I'll either post mine and ask them to contact me or send a PM).

So if you'd like to participate in this charitable endeavor and help the Stacys of our country then please contact me by PM, email me at 23gtblog(at), or post in this thread how I can contact you. Here in Arizona, I have someone already on board besides me but more people would be appreciated of course.

Thank you very much,


P.S. Please participate only if you have a 100% legally imported JDM car. This isn't because I have anything against quasi-legal cars but it's for your safety and the other person's. If your car isn't quite legal then you probably shouldn't advertise it by sharing your contact info with others. At the same time it's not good if prospective owners get advice that's not quite on the up-and-up. Thanks.

I've already had some kind people respond and so far I have contacts in Arizona, Washington, California, Colorado, Florida, and possibly Texas. One person has already benefited from being put in touch with someone to help with his registration questions. If you need assistance or would like to sign up as a contact person just leave me a comment below or email me and I'll be in touch.

Many thanks to the generous owners who've already joined the list!


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