Super GT 2015 Round 4: Godzilla Raids Again - GT500 GT-Rs score third win in a row!

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The Fuji GT 300km just concluded this weekend and it was another good day for Nissan in Super GT. Coming into this round the number 24 D'Station Advan GT-R had enjoyed no real success but that at least meant it was free of any success ballast to slow it down. With former Super GT and FIA GT1 champion Michael Krumm subbing for GT Academy winner Lucas Ordonez the D'Station car started from fifth but a late surge by co-driver Daiki Sasaki saw them sail past the pole-starting #38 Zent Cerumo Lexus RC F to take the win. The #38 car had led the entire race up until the last few laps but its early pace faded and it was forced to settle for second. Right behind it and further underscoring the speed of the Nissans were the #12 Calsonic Impul GT-R that just nipped past the defending champion #1 Motul Autech GT-R in the last couple of corners to take the final step on the podium.

In GT300 unfortunately the two GT3-spec GT-Rs that had achieved 1-2 finishes in the last two rounds were victims of shunts. Both the #3 B-Max car and the #10 Gainer Tainax were hit in the sides by other racers and this scuppered their chances at strong finishes. A win was going to be unlikely even without the shunts however because the number 55 Arta CR-Z of Shinichi Takagi and Takashi Kobayashi that had been a non-factor in the previous two races had a dominant run from pole to the checkered flag.

The GT500 results put GT-Rs into the top two spots of the driver's championship with the #12 car enjoying a slim lead of four points over the Motul Autech drivers. The former leader #37 Lexus dropped back to third, a further four points behind.

In GT300 the top two positions stayed pat with the Gainer Tainax car still with the lead over the B-Max GT-R but extending their lead slightly thanks to 5 points salvaged from this round versus none at all for the #3 car. Third place swapped hands with the Arta CR-Z displacing the fellow hybrid apr GT Prius.

As before, Nismo.TV simulcast the race on Youtube. Technical issues caused the feed to cut out several times but the race was another corking good one and well worth watching despite the dropouts. The link is below – go to 43 minutes in if you want to skip the pre-race ceremonies. Here's looking forward to round 5 which will be the Suzuka 1000km race, the longest race of the season and the one all teams want to win most.


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