A Year, A Hundred Posts, Twenty-eight Thousand Pageviews, And Minus 300ish Horsepower Later

You may have been wondering what's been going on with the infrequent posts lately here on my blog but there are good reasons for that. The main one being that I've been preparing a long treatise on the history and evolution of GT-R lug nuts over the past six generations. All the info I gathered with my in-depth research meant that I had to make a five-part article just to fit all of it in. Make sure to keep reading so you can impress (or more likely scare) your loved ones with your newly-acquired mastery of Nissan lug nuts.

Okay, I haven't really made an article about GT-R lug nuts (but don't lose hope yet because my insanity runs on many levels!) There have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes and I've just been waiting for the right opportunity to reveal it all.

The biggest thing is that today this blog celebrates its one year anniversary! Hooray! In another year it may finally be out of diapers and I can send it out into the big bad world of day care and abandon all parental responsibility. Big woot!

I wish. This blog is a one-man operation so without me it'll end up having to play the harmonica on the street corner and hope you'll toss a few of your shekels in its moldy hat - and I couldn't do that to the poor, helpless thing. I certainly can't do it after you readers have all been so kind as to rack up 28,000 page views in just the one short year of its existence. For that you have my heartfelt salamat, muchas gracias, and arigato gozaimasu.

To celebrate the end of this eventful year I'm doing a few things:

First, I'm going to add FREE PORN!

Uh huh. Had you all excited there didn't I? You can go to Youporn for that stuff. Instead, 23gt.blogspot.com will now officially be known by the much handier name of 23gt.net. Hey, the domain name was cheap and it just sounds cooler so why the heck not? You can thank me later for helping to prevent you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Second, you may have noticed that I take and post a lot of photos on my blog so I decided to finally do something I've been meaning to for a while and so I've started a 23GT Instagram account. There's not a lot there just yet but please check it out and I'll be sure to add a ton more stuff later on - use the link or search for 23gt_blog to find me on the app.

Third, I just got back from another trip to my previous home of the Philippines so you can look forward to some more posts about my wacky old country including a metric crapton of photos from the 2016 Manila International Auto Show. All you guys will want to check it out for all the lovely models...and there were girls there too by the way, in case you're into that sort of thing.

Fourth, of course I'll be doing a progress update on my R32. Yeah, it's still not running yet but some big things have happened – most importantly my engine has grown a pair of turbos. I had to grab a mop to clean up the drool after seeing that.

Fifth, well there is no fifth thing right now but hey, I might think of something. Like maybe building a cardboard R34 model on top of a Crazy Cart and jumping it through a flaming hoop and posting it to Youtube. Yeah, let me get right on that as soon as I finish perfecting my cure for laziness.

Of course this wouldn't be a 23GT post without some customary pictures so I'll wrap this significant hundredth post with them. I hope they'll wet your appetites for more posts in the next year of 23GT!

Engine's starting to come together :)

Watch out for my post on the Manila International Auto Show to get a visual overload of the cars and lovely models there (like Rose here, who was a simply awesome lady).

Of course, I had to check out what was new with Nissan Philippines. They've got the Juke now. D'awww...

Some of the swag I scored on my trip. Yes, even on vacation I have GT-Rs on the brain. And also yes, that's a wood carving of a hand flipping someone off and a framed butterfly knife (Ah, Filipino souvenirs, gotta love 'em).