My Nismo R32 Got Featured In The JCCS World Matsuri Preview Video!


Quick, unplanned post here but this was too cool I had to share it! If you're a fan of classic JDM rides you'll have certainly heard of Japanese Classic Car Show or JCCS for short. It's the biggest gathering of vintage Japanese cars in the States but unfortunately between work and other stuff I'd never been able to attend, even though it's held just one state over in Long Beach, California every year.

I've been hoping that some day I'd have a chance to attend and maybe bring my Nismo R32. I'm still finishing up some things on her to get her up to a standard where I think she can go to any car show let alone something as big as JCCS - which is why I haven't posted much about her in a while. This year though JCCS had to cancel its physical event scheduled on October 24th for a reason I'm sure you can all figure out - but if you're not sure, it starts with a C and ends with OVID.

To compensate for the canceled event JCCS instead decided to hold a virtual show called JCCS 2020 World Matsuri Week that's open to all vintage JDM cars from all over the world (Matsuri means "festival" in Japanese). If you submitted photos or video of your car by the registration deadline of September 15th you got some cool souvenir swag and of course would have your car entered in the virtual show. I decided to submit my R32 for entry with the photos from my last photoshoot that I talked about in this article

With real car shows on hold everywhere I thought it'd be something fun to do and having the souvenir merchandise would be cool so I submitted my application a couple of weeks ago. I got a confirmation email that JCCS received my entry but nothing after that so I went back to doing my usual stuff while waiting for the actual event to start on October 3 and for my swag to be mailed out.

As a preview to the actual event JCCS had been putting out weekly videos featuring some of the awesome cars already entered including some really clean ones from as far afield as Australia and my old home country of the Philippines. I'd watched the first two videos then last night fired up the week three video which I hadn't gotten a chance to see before due to my trip. The description said it had an R32 Skyline in it so I wondered which cool build had made the cut for the preview. One minute and 45 seconds in though all of a sudden pics of a very familiar R32 popped up - it was MY R32!

Needless to say I was super excited to see my baby get special mention! She was pretty rough when I first got her and there's still some niggles to be worked out (but should be done soon hopefully) so of course I'm flabbergasted and feeling very honored to see her get special mention from the JCCS staff!

It's been a very long process restoring my Nismo R32 to the condition I think she deserves to be in but I'm hoping I'll be able to post an update in the next few weeks with big news on what's happened and what's still to come. 

In the meantime, if you're a fellow fan of vintage JDM tin, be sure to hit up the JCCS Youtube page for the 2020 World Matsuri Week as well as the JCCS webpage itself!