It's Thanksgiving So Let's Be Thankful 2016 Edition!

It's been another orbit of the sun for all of us and Thanksgiving has come once again. Those of you here in the States are probably looking forward to a turkey-induced stupor and/or some crazy Black Friday shopping where you can hopefully score a PS VR without getting trampled by your fellow man. Overseas readers who just read that sentence are probably shaking their heads as they gird themselves for another work day. Anyway, it's Thanksgiving so just like I did last year I'll commemorate the holiday by showing some gratitude for the following:

    • Once again at the top of the list, my family – immediate and extended, blood-related and otherwise, for being awesome. Without them I probably would have given up long ago and not had the great life I have now. You'll all get your Christmas gifts...eventually.
    • My friends for putting up with my shit for another year.
    • My co-workers for their help and support.
    • 'Murica! Even though lots of people are pessimistic right now and it seems like we're more divided than ever it's still a wonderful country when viewed by a foreigner who was given the chance to become a citizen. Coming here from a developing country really makes you appreciate how nice America really is :)
    • My old home of the Philippines! Gorgeous country, the most warm-hearted people in the world, and a God-given resilience that would put Navy SEALs to shame (lots of lovely girls too lol).
    • Japan for all that cool shit they come up with.
    • Nissan for making cool cars and trucks like my new Armada (gotta do better with that new Nismo Sentra though, just sayin' lol).
    • Sony for making a great camera that's helped me get shots I can be proud of.
    • My friend Lisa and the staff at Sonora Nissan for the great deal on my new Armada and taking good care of my cars all the time
    • Black Market Racing for taking on the huge task of finishing up my R32
    • Full Race Motorsports for the support with my R32 build and all the cool stuff they've shown me
    • Our local gang of gearheads in Yuma. We may not have the huge numbers of the big cities but a smaller group means you get to know each other better.
    • All the various random people I've met this year for keeping life interesting.
    • Air. Everybody thanks their family, God, friends, their dog Droolsworth, and their barber Tony but nobody ever thanks air for always being there for us. Well, that stops now. Thank you, air! I'm savoring my current breath of sweet lung nectar in gratitude!
    • Again, the little things – 'cause if you can find joy in them you'll never have a frowny face.
    • You, dear reader, because a blog without someone to read it is worthless!
    • Last but most importantly, God – for all the things!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!
Another image showing things I'm thankful for. Last year it was GT-R's and tape. This year's image celebrates GT-Rs, good driving, and laptops. Yep, that's absolutely everything I'm thankful for in this image. Yessiree. Image credit: Tokyo Smart Driver