It's Thanksgiving So Let's Be Thankful, Back for 2019!

So back in 2016 and 2017 before I went on my little hiatus I put up little posts in honor of Thanksgiving. For us here in the States it's that time once again where the general populace gains some pounds gorging on turkey and gravy - and then promptly works them off  the next day competing in the real life version of Player Unknown:Battlegrounds commonly referred to as "Black Friday shopping."

For our international readers it's a chance to laugh at the videos of the inevitable chaos as people slug it out for the last discounted Baby Shark puppet before going back to normal weekend stuff.

In any case, I'll bring back this traditional holiday post 'cause I'm just a weird old goof and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! Now for my obligatory "Things I'm Thankful For" list (in no particular order):

- as before, my family - immediate and extended, blood-related or not - for always being there for me even when a lot of us are far away from each other.
- my friends of course for putting up with me and saving my ass when needed.
- my co-workers for making it easier to survive a tough job.
- cycling, for teaching me valuable lessons about tackling adversity and keeping me healthy.
- America, f*ck yeah! Sure, lots of bad stuff seems to be happening if you watch the news but there's still a lot of good going around that's easy to ignore. This is still an amazing country  -despite what sensationalist press and social media snowflakes might have you believe - and we just have to keep that in mind and do right by each other and we'll do alright.
- my old home of the Philippines. Haven't been to every gorgeous beach or happening bar or postcard-pretty vista there yet but I'm trying.
- Japan for being awesome...and weird...and awesomely weird.
- Nissan for the cool cars and trucks they've made - hopefully this whole current mess they're in passes and they get back to making new stuff to lust after.
- My friends Chris and Victor, for making Project Astrid possible, and Sean Morris of Top Rank Importers for helping with some of the details.
- my friend Lisa and the whole Sonora Nissan service department for going above and beyond what a dealership would normally do.
- Jeremy, Austin, Tom, and the whole gang at Black Market Racing for all the help with my R32
- Our local gang of car nuts here in Yuma for being fun to hang out with and looking out for each other
- All the other awesome people I've met this past couple of years who've kept things interesting.
- Hot showers. They are SO underrated, especially after a tough workout or a hard day sweating over something.
- Oh yeah, onsens too! Sure, having to get nekkid with a bunch of Japanese strangers is kinda weird but lounging in a hot spring bath is SO f*ing worth it!
- Since were talking about Japanese stuff - karaage! Goddamn that stuff is delicious! Great, now I need a fix....
- Dogs. Dogs are all kinds of awesome. Cats too, but don't tell any dogs I said that.
- Like before, the little things. Keep finding joy in them and you'll never lose hope.
- Also as before, you, dear reader for visiting this humble blog!
- And of course, last but not least, God - 'cause, you know, he was the original "X all the things" master. And in just six days too!

And I'd be remiss if I didn't keep with the tradition in previous posts and add a random pic I found on the interwebs:

Image credit: Speedhunters

It's an oldie but a goodie. As before I must single out the things in the picture I'm thankful for of which there are only two this time - GT-Rs and video games ('cause that's a virtual R35 from NFS ProStreet). Yessiree, two things. I'm pretty sure I'm not missing anything this time!