All Quiet On The Far Eastern Front

My car's RB26 must have read this. Image credit: Knowyourmemes
It's been two weeks now since my R32 decided that being a right-hand drive Japanese sports car in the USA wasn't attention-getting enough and so it started belching out smoke and randomly died in order to really make people stand up and take notice. Since then I've yet to post an update on that situation so you may be wondering what's going on. Has this setback ruined your humble author's enthusiasm for his R32? Has he given up on fixing his old project car and given up on this blog in the process? Has the stress finally gotten to him and he's decided to take up a more conventional hobby like professional catfish noodling?

Heavens no. I prefer my catfish pre-killed and roasted on a spit personally. Since the incident many developments have actually been afoot. I wanted to get some more things sorted first before making a more thorough progress update but rest assured big things are in store for my R32 and the cause of the problem has been found. I'm waiting on news for one big piece of my Nismo's future and once that get's sorted you can expect a thorough report.

In the coming weeks you can also expect a report on an event I'll be participating in with my R35, a test-drive of the latest Nissan Murano, and more of the usual random tech, DIY, motorsports, and GT-R heritage articles.

Speaking of GT-R heritage, I've been meaning to do some posts about the history of my favorite marque but I didn't want it to be just another boring article spewing out fact after fact in a sleep-inducing stream more effective than snorting a big dose of Fentanyl. While out of town on a trip I figured out a way of talking about GT-R history in my own unique manner - I'm pretty confident it's a way of viewing the car's history that you haven't seen before. I hope that piques your interest.

And so, despite the recent troubles with one of my treasured GT-Rs this blog is far from dead. I know what's coming up and I'm very excited (a little trepidatious too but that just shows how big the developments in store are) so I hope you'll find the forthcoming posts exciting as well.

Until then, drive safe!