One Year After: A Shout-out To TopSpeed Motorsports For My R35

It's been about a year now from when my R35 came back from getting a full engine and transmission build with TopSpeed Motorsports in Georgia and since I had recently posted about how the car did at No Fly Zone I thought it was about time to acknowledge the great job done by Cicio and the guys at TSM with my car.

The biggest thing for me with performance modifications on one of my cars or bikes is reliability. I don't see much point in making changes to a vehicle if I can't enjoy it because it's as temperamental as a five-owner Yugo so I carefully considered my options when I wanted my R35 built for more power.

Being a motorsport enthusiast I preferred a shop with a proven track record in racing. With four straight wins in the One Lap of America - three of them with R35 GT-Rs - TopSpeed Motorsports in Georgia sounded like my kind of shop. 

There are plenty of tuners that can turn out an R35 with big numbers but not all can make them reliable and I'm happy to report that TSM is one shop that can. After working out some initial fine tuning the car has run like clockwork with a couple of trackdays, a half-mile event, and several long distance driving days under its belt. The clean work under the hood has also helped me pick up a couple of car show trophies along the way. 

So, thanks TopSpeed Motorsports for building me a wickedly fast AND reliable R35 GT-R!



  1. Hi Oliver, this is off topic, but I thought you'd like to know. An importer in Florida, Rivsu Imports, was able to get an R33 LM GTR 100% federalized with the help of JK Technologies, making it the first non-25 year old GTR import that isn't from Motorex:

    1. Thanks for the link - I'll have to update my post on the R33's status. Someone had mentioned to me that an R33 LM had been imported by JK for someone but they didn't say who so I assumed it was a private collector. It must have been this car. Supposedly the process cost $35 grand though according to that source so it's an option for the well-heeled buyer only.

      If that cost is correct you'd have to think long and hard about whether it's worth the expense versus waiting a few more years. It's probably not worth it for a regular R33 but for something really special like a 400R....yum!


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