Show or Display Guide Compilation

With over 200 articles here on I realize it can be hard to find the exact article you might be looking for. Since a lot of people are coming here to learn more about the Show or Display import process for the R34 GT-R and my guide is divided into nine separate articles I decided I should have a post that compiles all the links in one place to make them easier to find.

So first, here are the articles that make up the Show or Display guide:

Part 1: The Basics - with my YouTube intro video

Part 2: Which R34s are eligible

Part 2.1: Looking for an eligible R34

Part 3.1: Filling out the Show or Display application part 1

Part 3.2: Filling out the Show or Display application part 2

Part 4.1: Crossing the border

Part 4.2: Import duties and fees

Part 5: Registering at the DMV (and the pain it brings)

Part 6: Extra Info

If you're interested in older articles I've posted on Show or Display R34s here are a few other useful links:

International Vehicle Importers announces it's importing an MP2 R34 in 2016

International Vehicle Importers and Rivsu Imports race to bring in the first MP2 R34s

M-Spec Nur gets added to the Show or Display eligibility list

I hope this is helpful to all of you interested in Show or Display R34 GT-Rs!


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